DIDGERIDOO building Workshop – First block – Theoretical lesson, for wood or fiberglass making

Online lessons dates: 18 and 20 October 2022
3 hours in the evening from 7 pm to 10 pm

The program is divided into 2 evenings of distance learning.

This workshop aims to train a few highly motivated people to continue the design of didgeridoos on their own or with the support of the Arti e Tradizioni association. Upon registration, each participant will have access to a study group in which they can compare themselves with other people trained or in training.
At the end of the course, based on the needs of the individual, you can receive information about how to make your own didgeridoo in our seat, or you can decide your shape we’ll make it for you.

Main themes:
– Basic and specific acoustics for resonators,
– Psychoacoustics,
– Tonal and playability potential of the didgeridoo,
– Design of a specific stamp and note

This workshop allows to follow the furthers workshops:

  • Didgeridoo making with fiberglass (students will take home a professional didgeridoo and will have all the knowledge to create their own instruments. Tools they will use at home are extremely inexpensive and can be managed by anyone)
  • Didgeridoo making with CNC machining (students will take home a professional didgeridoo. A CNC machine requests a quite big economic effort, so they can use our machine for further experiments, prototypes, small productions)

A video that covers the entire theretical program plus the CNC machining making , listening time 45 minutes.
The time bar is divided into chapters to skip forward

Info and booking: info@windproject.it
WApp: 0039 3385812914


The complete program will be scheduled  as follows:
Tuesday 18 October from 7 to 10 pm (online lesson)
Acoustics topics:
– sound, harmonics, inharmonics, chords, and beats
– quality sound: sound spectrum, the role of the harmonics
– acoustics of resonating pipes: the physics of the standing waves in resonating pipes, fundamental and upper resonances, the natural harmonics, the interaction of the resonances with the natural harmonics. How to tune the basic drone (fundamental) and the toots (upper resonances) using a 1D acoustic simulation software
Psychoacoustics topics:
– the role of the harmonics and inharmonics in the entire sound spectrum, how to recreate sound spectrums with a specific taste: smooth, clear, brilliant, warm, cold, rough, aggressive, etc.
– why the human perception associated sounds mood, with physical or tactile sensations
– the sound dynamic and the human perception

Thursday 20 October from 7 to 10 pm (online lesson)
Didgeridoo design – theoretical part:
How to take advantage of the previous topics to design our didgeridoo taking into account:
– the quality sound, which color tone we want to obtain
– the techniques we want to play with it
This part is very crucial to understand the possibilities and limits of a certain shape.
At the end of this part, any participant will be able to draft a shape that represents an image of the sound he likes and the related didgeridoo capabilities if they physically match. On the contrary, he will understand why he could need more than a didgeridoo to match all the expectations. Any participant will be guided to design and tune at least the basic drone and first toot based on specific sound characteristics. Having a personal laptop can be very useful to work in autonomy.

Those who will take part in this event can take advantage of our workshop and support. Andrea Ferroni can follow the student’s expectations, check the project, and help you to build your own didgeridoo or he can make it for you in case you are too far.

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