Open Didgeridoo Project

The “Open Didgeridoo Project”, powered by Windproject Didgeridoo is intended to share knowledge and ideas on the Didgeridoo Design. A shape of our first Open Didgeridoo is provided to anyone who wants to replicate it for personal purposes and for selling as well. We only ask You to quote the origin of that shape, designed by Andrea Ferroni for Windproject Didgeridoo. In particular, the shape here available is tuned in D, the first and second toots are in F# and D. The idea was to have a third major as the first toot and two octaves higher the second toot. This particular tuning and the design we supply to you guarantee a brilliant and sharp sound with a great toot response. Backpressure is extremely good but not excessive, it allows beginners and professional players to learn or perform with a stabile didgeridoo that allows most of the common techniques. Aren’t you able to replicate this instrument by yourself? Write us at , subscribe “Arti e Tradizioni” and we’ll find together the best solution for you! Here is the project presentation with Andrea Ferroni and Ansgar Stein: Video recorded at “Arti e Tradizioni” with Andrea Ferroni and the great support of Ansgar Stein The dimensions: 0 at the mouthpiece is the referral point from where the length is measured. 1500 is the entire length of the instrument. If you need the stl file for 3D printing, please write us a mail at


– to quote the origin of the shape is mandatory: Project name: “Open Didgeridoo Project” Property: Windproject Didgeridoo Designer: Andrea Ferroni

– anyone who wants can replicate this shape freely.

– anyone can modify the shape for specific purposes

– makers can use this shape for personal or commercial purposes

– if you take pictures and videos of your own didgeridoo based on this shape we can host them on this page

– we will be grateful if you will share this page with your friends

– In case you want to create your own shape and you need help, click here to find all that you need


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