Data/date: 25, 26, 27 April 2014

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Sabato 26 Aprile ore 21:30
Saturday 26 April, 9:30 pm


Corpo docenti (intermedio ed avanzato) / Teachers list (intermediate advanced level):

Ansgar Stein - Germany/Austria

Markus Meurer - Germany/Austria

Andrea Ferroni - Italy

-Luogo / Place:
c/o Ass. “Arti e Tradizioni” località Montebruno, 2 - Garzigliana - TO

-Costo / Cost:
3 giorni - venerdì, sabato, domenica :
220€ a persona prenotando entro il 31 Dicembre,
270€ prenotando entro il 28 di febbraio versando 50€ di caparra.
Oppure 320€ a persona prenotando oltre il 28 febbraio.

3 days - friday, sunday, monday:
220€ each if you book before 31 December,
270€ each if you book before 28 february.
Or 320€ for late booking.

-La quota d'iscrizione comprende / Price includes:
-6 ore di lezione al giorno, i pranzi e le cene dei giorni di iscrizione.
-6 hours lesson a day, lunches and dinners during the day of lesson you subscribe.

- Pernottamento / Accomodation:
in zona sono presenti diversi alberghi il cui costo si aggira intorno ai 30 euro a persona.
Sarà possibile anche il pernottamento in economia (con proprio sacco a pelo) costo 10€ inclusa colazione.

There are some cheap and new hostel close to the workshop area (about 30/35€ per person per night).
It is also possible to sleep in a cheaper accomodation with your own sleeping bag an mattres. (10€ breakfast included).

-Nota / Note: per partecipare al corso è utile una conoscenza base della lingua inglese (anche se non indispensabile). In
caso di necessità le lezioni verranno tradotte in Italiano.
-Workshop are hold in english.

Programma di lezione / Schedule:


Venerdì/ Friday

Sabato / Saturday

Domenica / Sunday

More info and booking:
Andrea Ferroni
phone: 0039 3385812914

Ansgar-M. Stein is a musician, visualizer, and science nerd in one person. He is currently playing his etherical ultra-lightweight
fibreglass didgeridoos with Austrian folk-pop band AARA and his solo program THE RAUTHA. In his versatile hybrid-style on the
didgeridoo, Ansgar melts influences from modern western playing as well as traditional influences.
Ansgar is acclaimed for his humorous and passionate nature as well as for his rigorous analytic approach. In his workshops he focusses
on the potential of the didgeridoo as a lead-instrument and its connections to physiology and phonetics.

The classes will cover the following subjects including theory and practice, so a notebook (or any kind of recording device*) might be
*) For your private use only! If any unauthorized recordings of workshops are found to be published SOMEwhere on the net, I'll make some phone calls to south Italy and take care for you
to be found with concrete boots on at the bottom of some very deep lake!

I. The Wokshop    -     3 hours
Learn to use circular breathing as a starting point for catchy rhythm patterns, often referred to as wobbles. You will learn to energize
and optimize your playing through passive breathing and to apply tiny but very effective tricks for repositioning rhythm patterns
(syncopation), while taking a recourse on some basics for higher contrast effectivity.  You'll achieve that typical wobbly sound and
make your playing more relaxed, adding richness and dynamic!
Bonus: If you aim to play faster, you will pick up speed on the way...
(A quick course in applied phonetics will enable you to intuitively read the musical notes that come with a handout covering all the
patterns you'll be learning ;-) )
Approx. 3 hrs

II. Solving the Riddle: Inspirations from traditional playing styles    -     3 hours
Let's be clear: We, as modern westerners, most likely wont be able to figure the richness of the Australian musical and ceremonial
culture to a greater degree. But you can appreciate it and get yourself inspirations from traditional playing techniques all the same to
broaden up your rhythmical variety, make your playing more relaxed and effective and experience it from a new perspective. You will
explore the retroflexed tongue, specific pull- and cut-patterns, trills, syllabic toot-drone-transitions, passive voice and learn to
distinguish between singing and ringing harmonics, which are so typical for Arnhemland. And, above all you will learn the background
of many rhythm-words (like rid-dl :-)) and how to interprete and make use of them.
(As you might have expected: A catchy handout will complete this set as well.)
Approx. 3 hrs

Markus Meurer lives in Vienna, Austria. He started playing the didgeridoo 17 years ago. Since then he played and taught the
Didgeridoo in different projects all over Europe, Israel, India and Australia. In 2004 he worked and lived 6 months in Yirrkala, North-
East Arnhemland, Australia, to learn traditional playing-techniques on the Didgeridoo. In 2007 he formed the band AIRtist, where he
plays the Didgeridoo since then.
With AIRtist and also as a solo Didgeridoo-player and -teacher he gained a europe-wide reputation and played at a few of the biggest
festivals in europe.

Create your own rhythms !
Markus Meurer imparts his individual rhythmical and percussive playing-style and demonstrates how to create your own rhythms in the
most simple way. You are taught how to make your didgeridoo-playing more interesting, multifaceted and dynamic. Another focus will
be on how to jam creatively with other musicians.

Andrea Ferroni was born in Turin in 1977. He is known due to the research and disclosure activities along a decade within the project
"Didgeridoo School" based in Turin - IT.  He is involved as teacher as well as didgeridoo designer and crafter. His musical instruments are
played by musicians all around the world. He's undoubtedly considered as one of the most outstanding European didgeridoo players.
Since his debut, he has been invited to all the most important didgeridoo events in Europe. His peculiar style, along with his precision
and touch, won high praise by listeners and critics alike.
He is an eclectic person and enthusiastic about life. Spending an enormous energy devoted to the a great variety of activities and the
rediscovery of the arts and traditions which he loves to entertain the audience and curious people.
So he founded "Arti e Traditioni" a non-profit association which hosted activities in the fields of music and dance,  arts or cultural
tradition / fine manufacturing, food and non-food self-production.

I. How to breath on the toot - The Mouthdrumming     -    3 hours
A very simple technique that require a guide to be learnt in a proper way... and some training at home. To breath on the toot gives you
several chances to create new rhythmical patterns. Moreover, practicing with fast shifting from the basic drone to the toots, very short
toots,  can create very staccato and dynamic sound, tipical from a small drumset. The technique mouthdrumming had been probably
used the first time by Michaael Peter Jackson (Australia).
example, click here

II. Throat technique    -    3 hours
This technique allows to use the throat muscles to create rhythmical patterns. At the same timewe can use the tongue tho play overtone
harmonic lines. So doing, audience often guess he sound come out from two different didges.
This technique is quite complex. We'll practice several exercies they help us to reach the goal step by step.
example, click here
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